As the pandemic and the diversity initiatives chipped away at standardized testing (SAT/ACT) requirements in US colleges over the last year (temporarily and possibly, permanently), I watched in sadness.

I watched in sadness that the incentive to leverage this last, powerful opportunity in high school was now being taken away from students, often from the ones who would benefit the most.

I will leave contentious data aside — whether the scores are a predictor of college freshman year success, whether affluent children benefit from prep courses, whether they truly measure a child’s capabilities, etc. …

There is a certain philosophy called “Net Positivity” often used in business. This philosophy accepts that there are always inherent negatives in every project or activity but that one can still engage in projects where the net impact is positive. (in a business context, this impact is often measured only in financial terms, but we can apply multiple dimensions of measurement — financial, social, personal growth, causes, etc)

Consciously using this net positivity strategy also helps us step back and question a certain activity — what are the negatives, what are the positives, are there ways for me to reduce…

Deepa Bhaskaran

Content/Product Marketer, Messaging Crafter, Startup Founder, Spiritual Seeker, Mom

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